Tropic Cove Pet Store


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Marianne’s Professional Pet Grooming

We offer a full service salon for both cats & dogs. Please call to schedule your next grooming appointment. (231) 881-8665


Tropic Cove has a wide selection, of Fish & Reptiles. We can also custom order small animals upon request.

Pet supplies

We have a large selection of pet food, toys, and other care products.

Aquarium Set Up & Tank Maintenance

Let Tropic Cove Manage your Business & Residential Aquarium needs.

About Tropic Cove

Our goal is the provide the best experience to our customers and pets. We offer anything from aquarium supplies to treats for your dogs & cats.
The Rocks

In 2014 Seth and Marianne Rock purchased Tropic Cove. They both have always shared a love for animals. Their goal has always been, to match you with the perfect pet and then provide the best resources. Here at Tropic Cove, we take great pride in choosing quality brands to offer you. Our informed and compassionate staff are here to assist you, with all of your pet care needs.

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